All-Access TV is the heart of locally originated “Citizen TV” programming.  This is where you not only watch TV, you make TV. 
Through All Access TV we help you make the most of your program ideas.  
Have something to say?  Know interesting people that you think everyone else in town should know?  Enjoy direct access to all your Franklin friends and neighbors.
Need to sound off on an issue?  Do a citizen editorial. 
All Access TV is the first amendment writ large.
Have an idea?  A passion?  A touch of flair?  Bring it all to the TV screen.  Just give us a call, and we'll show you how. 
Franklin’s All Access TV -  It really is all about you.
Your non-profit group can also enjoy access.  You’re doing good work to make Franklin an even better place.  That’s good news.  We can help you spread the word.  Want folks to know when your big events are coming up?  Want to bring those events to TV?  Let us know. 
We’re here to help. 
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