Our Community Bulletin Board is a way for local nonprofit groups, schools, civic organizations and municipal departments to spread the word about events deemed of interest to Franklin cable subscribers and the community at large.  We update our Bulletin Board on a weekly basis, so please allow ample time for us to prepare and post your Bulletin. 
Just email your basic information or prepared notice to us at:  cbb@franklin.tv
Remember - Who, What, When, Where, and please be concise.  Also include a contact name, a phone number folks can call for details, and if you have one, a website address where folks can find more information.  See examples of our Community Bulletins on our All-Access Channel.  When your notice is ready to run we can also email you an image file that you can include in your own newsletter or printed material as you wish.
Note that a TV image can display only a limited amount of text.  If you have questions or would like some additional help, you can stop by our studio weekdays.  Please call first. 

Notices by the public and non-profit groups appear on
our public access channel, All Access TV - Comcast 6 and Verizon 26. 
Notices for schools or education events appear on
our education channel, Franklin Pride TV - Comcast 8 and Verizon 28. 
Notices from town or state government appear on
our government channel, Town Hall TV - Comcast 9 and Verizon 29. 
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